Frequently Asked Questions on Persian Font

1. What browser do I need to read Farsi on the Web?

We recommend "Netscape Navigator 3.0" or "Internet Explorer 3.0" and later versions.

2. Can I read it by earlier versions also?

Netscape Navigator 2.0 can also be used, but you have to do a minor change in the menus of your browser.

3. What changes I must do in Navigator 2.0, to read Farsi Fonts?

Go to Options/General Preferences/Fonts menu, and select "Persian" as your default font.

4. Can I read Farsi by browsers provided by AOL or other proprietary browsers offered by some online service companies?

Some emails which we get from such users say NO :-( , on the other hand, their newer revised browser apparently is working just fine.

5. I have downloaded your fonts, but cannot install it on my browser.

The fonts had to be installed on Operating System of your computer, not the browser.

6. How I can install the font on Windows 3.1?

Follow this link!

7. How I can install the font on Windows 95?

Follow this link!

8. How I can install the font on Windows NT?

Follow this link!

9. I've installed the font on my Mac, but still cannot see Persian letters properly.

Be sure to set "Document Encoding" (from the options menu) to Western (MacRoman).

10. I use a UNIX workstation, can I read Farsi on my X Window?

Not yet; but we hope in the future.

Thanks to Neda Rayyaneh for providing the Persian Font.