The Animated Gif of Iran's Flag has been created by myself at MReza.Net, the Free Internet Services & Publishing.
There is No copyright issue with this Gif file! As a matter of fact I would be pleased to see this flag on many Persian Pages as a token of Harmony. I named it after the late Persian Poet, Mrs. Layla Kasra (Hedieh). There are a few advantages of animated gif over the flag Java, like smaller file size, faster download time and less restrictions on the slower processors. However, If you decided to use these files below, all I ask from you is to keep the original names and please do Not rename them.
Thank you.
Mohammad Reza

Iran Flag with the "gray" (default for Explorer) Background:

Iran Flag with the "White" Background.

Iran Flag with the "Transparent" Background:

Direction to Download: RIGHT click on the Flag and "Save Image As" on your Desktop.